How Can You Believe If He Cheated?

If you’ve been cheated on, there’s not a worse feeling: someone you loved and believed in suddenly became the opposite. Has he turned disrespectful towards you? The trustworthy boyfriend or husband is now treacherous. How do you trust him or believe him, ever again? Can you? Can you possibly forgive the toad? There’s a chance he’ll do it again, if he gets away with it once. On the other hand, people make mistakes, though this kind of mistake is one of the hardest for couples to survive. It’s not just the abuse of your trust, it’s the lack of respect and the lying that becomes harder to forgive over time.
You can always take precautions that will avoid your boyfriend from cheating on you anytime in the future. Men think of cheating when another woman starts interesting them. You can easily ward off from it and keep your man hooked by gaining some worthy tips from “The Woman Men Adore…And Never Want To Leave”
Here are a few tips for dealing with being cheated on:
  • Take at least a two day break from him after you find out he’s cheated. You don’t want to knee-jerk react, and then have regrets. Or act rashly. You need to calm down and think, about you and about your relationship. Do you want a man who isn’t trustworthy?
  • Realize it wasn’t you at all. It was him. The men that cheat are emotional midgets, not man enough to talk to you if they were unhappy in the relationship, choosing a coward’s way out. Talk to him when you’re ready, but don’t take on any guilt. He cheated, not you
  • Understand the problems you’ll face if you forgive him and stay together. The dent in your trust is not just that he cheated, but he lied to you. He disregarded you. Even if you manage to work things out, and he can prove that it’s over with the Other Woman, you’ll be paranoid at every phone call and boys’ night out for a long time. Trusting him the first time was hard enough, the second will take much longer. Are you prepared to work that hard for him?
  • Don’t have a revenge affair, to get him back or even the score. He’s just killed your self-esteem, how is being with someone else going to repair the trust in your relationship? It might make you feel worse. Then there will be two of you insecure and jealous. It’s a bad idea.
  • Don’t use it as a loaded gun you can bring out in any argument for months to come. If he cheated and you forgave him, it’s a done deal. It’s finished when you forgive him.
It’s possible to trust your boyfriend or husband after he’s cheated and still have a relationship. Some couples manage. But the relationship and the trust you had has changed. It’ll take a lot of communication and time, from both of you.
The good news is that most men are one-timers and not repeat offenders. But there are also serial-cheaters out there- and they won’t be changing any time soon. If this was the second time there will be a third, fourth and fifth.Guaranteed.