Most Beautiful Celebrities in the World

The top 20 Most Beautiful Women in the World! With so many beautiful woman world wide. These women are selected from fashion, movies, music and other arenas are filled with exquisite women each unique not only in respect of their talents but also in terms of their looks. The one thing linking them together is their beauty that shines through. Let us know through comments who is the most stunning and breathtaking?

Top 10 beautiful Romanian girls

1. Monica Barladeanu

Hometown: Iasi
Claim to fame: How could she not top our list? Not only is she the Julia Roberts (with Angelina Jolie's looks) of Romania, but she has been honored in every other list prior, including as TV Mania's "The Sexiest TV Star," FHM's "Sexiest Woman," and VIVA's "The Most Beautiful Romanian Woman." Not to mention, she gained popularity in the U.S. with guest spots on Lost and Nip/Tuck while she maintained her superstar status in her home country. If you want to see more of her, check out her latest Romanian films, Vallanzasca - Gli angeli del male and Good from Evil.

2. Catrinel Menghia

Hometown: Iasi
Claim to fame: If you think you recognize her, it's because you do. You can find her in your back issues of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, the page you bookmarked on the Maxim site and the Lise Charmel lingerie catalogs you hid from your girlfriend.
3. Gina Pistol

Hometown: Rosiorii de Vede
Claim to fame: Hey! Don't be presumptuous. Just because her last name is Pistol, doesn't mean she's a porn star. She's simply a film and TV actress, known for Margo and In the Name of Honour, who just happened to accept an invitation to pose for Playboy. There's a difference.

4. Alina Puscau

Hometown: Bucharest
Claim to fame: Once dubbed "The Megan Fox of Romania," Brett Ratner's girlfriend (WTF?!), who once dated Vin Diesel, is a potential triple threat. She's a Victoria's Secret model, a singer, and, if only her producer boyfriend would kick her some roles, she could be a considerable actress.

5. Otilia Aionesei

Hometown: Bucharest
Claim to fame: Back in '05, Otilia was the first runner-up in the Ford Supermodel of the World Competition. Now, she's established herself as one of the most successful supermodels of Romania. Yet, she hasn't let the fame distance her from her fans or her inner thoughts; she still manages to make time to blog.

6. Laura Cosoi

Hometown: Iasi
Claim to fame: The actress garnered Romania's attention starring in TV shows such as La Bloc and Aniela. Recently, she's shifted toward film, starring in The Godmother, out next year. Yet, despite her acting credentials, we know her best as the fourth out of five women on this list (so far!) to pose for Playboy.
7. Cristina Dochianu 

Hometown: Bucharest
Claim to fame: The blond sports reporter is Romania's answer to Erin Andrews: gorgeous, honored by Playboy, and able to kick your ball(s) in a debate about football.

8. Monica Dascalu

Hometown: Targu Mures
Claim to fame: She's the chick you come home to. The wifey-type who'll gladly keep you company and tell you stories about the day over dinner. The homegirl who reassures you about tomorrow. That's right, Monica's the anchor on ProTV's evening news in Romania!

9. Roxana Tanase

Hometown: Bucharest
Claim to fame: She's just your typical Romanian girl next door, in the Playboy Bunny sense, that is. Most recently, Roxana was featured in the mag's April 2010 issue. Yep, that gave us a stormy spring nahmean?
10. Valentina Pelinel

Hometown: Bucharest
Claim to fame: Romania often makes the top ten when it comes to the world's hottest countries. A simple description of Valentina's features—5'11, blonde hair, hazel eyes—would describe half the country. What makes her so special then? She's a certified supermodel who's got her own mini IMDB page. Legit.

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