Supermodels Just Don't Age

Supermodels Just Don't Age

12 of the Prettiest Women from Hollywood the 80's

12 of the Prettiest Women from Hollywood the 80's

The best and worst dressed celebrity moms

The best and worst dressed celebrity moms
Some star mamas step out with their kids looking runway worthy while others are constantly committing fashion crimes while toting their tots around town.

The best and worst dressed celebrity moms, There's no denying motherhood is one of the toughest jobs on earth, one that often leads women (even famous ones) to put themselves last. While some stars still manage to focus on fashion, others are forever reaching for the closest pair of sweats. Click through the gallery to see which celebrity moms are model-worthy and who needs a well-deserved mommy makeover.

Gwen Stefani
Maybe the secret's in her trademark fire engine red lipstick, but the No Doubt singer always looks perfectly put together, even when she's hitting the playground or shopping with her sons. Despite being a busy working mom, Stefani consistently sets bold fashion trends and looks like she just stepped away from a magazine photo shoot.

Angelina Jolie
Perhaps during their next cozy play date, Stefani could give her pal some much-needed fashion advice. While we understand Jolie has her hands full raising six kids and saving the world, if we see one more bland ensemble such as this one, or God forbid another trench coat, we may very well go mad.

Victoria Beckham
We have no solid proof but we're willing to go all out and say the British star gave birth to her new shopping buddy wearing heels. It doesn't matter if she's coming off a transatlantic flight with her three boys in tow, or cheering for hubby David on the soccer pitch, the songstress-turned fashion designer is always decked out like there's a party being thrown in her honour.

Jennifer Garner
Yummy mummy? Try frumpy mummy! There is absolutely no debating the actress's natural beauty, but what is very much worth discussing is whether or not Mrs. Ben Affleck has any true friends. If she did, wouldn't they gotten her on 'What Not to Wear' by now? Seriously. Even her poor daughter is wincing.

Kate Beckinsale
If you close your eyes, you can easily envision the fashion-forward British actress hosting lively dress-up parties with her young daughter. Although, that may all come to an end in a few years time when Lily brings home her first boyfriend and he ends up hitting on mom.

The fiery singer has been getting pretty peeved lately with the paparazzi, who have been intent on following her every move since she and hubby Carey Hart welcomed daughter Willow Sage in June. Making matters even more tense is the fact that each time the rocker is photographed, her cozy mommy outfit du jour is even worse than the last.

Brooke Burke
It must be the glitz and glamour of the ballroom that inspires the 'Dancing with the Stars' co-host to crank it up a notch every time she steps out of the house. The former Playboy model certainly hasn't let motherhood stop her from exuding a certain understated sex appeal when she makes her fashion choices each morning.

Sandra Bullock
Everyone knows America's Sweetheart is a gorgeous gal - and never more so than since she dropped her dirt bag hubby and welcomed a far bigger man into her heart - baby Louis. However, we're sick and tired of seeing Bullock running around town like she has a newborn and no help. Would it kill her to slap on some lipstick once in a blue moon?
Geri Halliwell
Nobody can accuse Ginger Spice of letting herself go! Halliwell may be a single mom, but it certainly hasn't stopped her from finding time to shop for killer outfits. She's frequently photographed jet setting around the world with daughter Bluebell Madonna in one fabulous outfit after another.

Britney Spears
We're not entirely sure her two boys are the only reason for the pop princess' poor style, because even when they're off with daddy dearest, Spears is still guilty of committing major fashion crimes. But even more offensive than her lazy clothing choices is the hair that always looks like it's fresh off a camping trip.

Nicole Richie
Not only does the reality TV starlet-turned-fashion designer make motherhood look easy but her unique fashion choices always appear just as effortless. Whereas most women's wardrobes take a turn for the worse after they give birth, it seems Richie has really grown into her own personal style since becoming a mom
She may be a pop culture icon responsible for setting major fashion trends over her more than three decades on stage, but during the past few years, we're sorry to say Madge has really let things slide. Rather than titillate with her ensembles, she might as well be wearing spacesuits. The mom of four is frequently photographed going about her daily routines wearing bulky, unflattering attire and more often than not she looks like she's gunning for a 'stars without makeup' cover.
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