Lindsay Lohan's Legal Issues Are Costing Taxpayers Millions

Freedom may come easily for Lindsay Lohan, but it doesn't come cheap for the rest of us. As reported earlier today, the actress was recently put in jail for four hours as part of her 30 day sentence for violating her probation. Of course, she's free once again and will remain that way as long as she adheres to Judge Stephanie Sautner's strict probation regulations (and even if she doesn't, she probably won't go to jail anyway). But this isn't the first time Lindsay's been in court due to legal issues, and it could be costing the California taxpayers quite a bit of money. In fact, experts told Fox News that Lindsay may have cost taxpayers over $250,000 per hour for the jail time she served last night.

Ever since her drunk driving arrest in 2007, the Hollywood starlet has made more than 20 court appearances stemming from additional arrests, probation violations, failed drug and alcohol screenings, and neglecting to follow court orders -- which adds up to a lot of expenses for the state. According to former federal prosecutor Michael Wildes, “From logistics to the transcript reporters to the clerks, it is exorbitantly expensive to have a court appearance... It costs tens of thousands of dollars per court appearance for all the clerks, the security, and those court reporters who get paid by the page, not to mention all the collateral support for something like this."

Attorney Vikki Ziegler shares similar concerns on the matter, stating, “It has likely cost taxpayers millions of dollars. This has been a four year ordeal that taxpayers in California must foot. That includes salaries for judges, prosecutors, court officers, court reporters, clerks, [and] other law enforcement professionals, who must all be paid, to have touched the Lohan case directly or indirectly in one shape or another.”

So basically it costs a lot of money for Lindsay to sit in front of a judge, and California residents have been paying for it. At least the reason for our economic troubles finally has a face.

Closer Look At The Horrible Violence Against Avril Lavigne!

This poor girl. We know she's tough and scrappy, but she's still quite tiny and she obviously was unable to defend herself against such inexcusable violence.
A source has sent us this EXCLUSIVE PICTURE of Avril Lavigne, showcasing the damage done to her face from the bar brawl she was caught up in this weekend at the Roosevelt Hotel. As you can see, she suffered a really heavy blow to her eye, with a pretty deep gash just above the lid, as well as some nasty scratches on her cheek and face.

Our source reports that Avril is hanging in there and that she is thankful for her fans for all their love and support. We're also told that Avril hopes that this horrible ordeal will send a message to others and encourage them never to resort to such violence themselves and respect others despite any circumstance.
We've said it before and we'll never stop saying it: Violence is never the answer.

Source :

Kelly Osbourne Out Of Hospital After Head Injury

 MIAMI, Fla. -- Kelly Osbourne is all smiles at the 2011 Fashion Awards Dinner to benefit Phoenix House at Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers in New York City on November 2, 2011 Caption Kelly Osbourne is all smiles at the 2011 Fashion Awards Dinner to benefit Phoenix House at Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers in New York City on November 2, 2011 Kelly Osbourne says she has been
released from a Miami hospital after being treated for a head injury.
The 27-year-old “E! Fashion Police” co-host Tweeted on Sunday that she was given the “all clear” and was released from Mercy Hospital, which declined comment Monday.
The nature of the injury and how Osbourne was hurt were not immediately clear. She tweeted that she had cracked her head open, though her publicist has not released any details.
Osbourne was in Miami attending a model casting call for Madonna’s Material Girl clothing line.
Osbourne found fame after appearing on the reality series “The Osbournes” alongside her family, including rock star Ozzy Osbourne. She has recorded several albums and appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2009.

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