Top 10 Hottest Female Superheroes of All Time

Top 10 Hottest Female Superheroes of All Time

After all the hullabaloo surrounding Shah Rukh Khan’s superhero act in RA.One, Bollywood is all set to experiment with the female superhero! With Kangna Ranaut ready to play the very first Indian supergirl in Krrish 3, we take a look at all the Hollywood superheroines from whom she can learn a thing or two about fighting baddies and saving the world!

Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl: Playing the popular comic book character was not easy for the cute Hollywood actress, who looked oh-so-sexy in Batman and Robin. Donning a lycra body suit and high boots, we want to see Batgirl zooming around in her motorcycle more often

Halle Berry as Catwoman: Another DC (Detective Comics) character, Halle Berry plays Patience Phillips who is murdered and then brought back to life to become Catwoman. The character acquires cat-like abilities and is on a look-out for her murderer in the film.

Jennifer Garner as Elektra: Jennifer Garner oozes so much of oomph as a warrior princess in this butt-kicking chick flick. Elektra may be torn between the good and the evil, but she doesn’t fail to deliver some power-packed Ninjutsu sequences in the film

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow: The sexy Scarlett Johansson plays Natalie Rushman and superhero Iron Man Tony Stark’s assistant in the film Iron Man 2. Dressed in a black body suit complete with guns and bullets, we think Johansson looks awesome with those gorgeous locks!

Helen Slater as Supergirl: Donning a skirt, Kara is Superman’s cousin and plays the DC comics character Supergirl. If you are a Superman fan, then you have to watch Helen Slater fight a wicked witch in this flick.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy: Having played Buffy Summers to an entire generation, Sarah Michelle Gellar is a high school cheerleader (in Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) who is gifted and can fight demons and vampires!

Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman: A Marvel Comics superheroine, Jessica Alba’s character inFantastic Four becomes invisible following an exposure to a cosmic storm. We believe Alba in her blue leather bodysuit can give her counterparts a run for their money!

Uma Thurman as G-Girl: Not a run-of-the-mill superwoman film, My Super Ex-Girlfriend has Uma Thurman play Luke Wilson’s girlfriend. When the latter dumps her for another girl, G-Girl (Thurman’s character) with her super powers makes his life hell.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter in The New Adventures of Wonder Woman can fight with her magic belt and lasso, a tiara which she uses like a weapon and a bracelet that can stop bullets!

Kangna Ranaut: Finally, Kangna Ranaut can take some lessons from her Hollywood counterparts. Because we wouldn’t mind an action-packed sequence between her and Hrithik Roshan! What say?