Top 5 Best And Greatest Hollywood Comebacks

Many actors live their lives by just playing simple, smooth and easy character who are not really recognized but accepted. But some of them get a role that really puts them on the map. Take a look at the greatest comebacks in the history of cinema.

 Drew Barrymore

She was 5 when she starred in ET. By the time she was 10, she was drinking and smoking etc. She was not in any movie worth mentioning till she played one of the angels.

Mickey Rourke

After NEVER performing well on the big screen, Mickey Rourke suddenly out of no where got this role of being the Wrestler. Which he played rather well and won a bazillion awards for it as well.

Teri Hatcher

Very popular is the Superman series that ran in the mid 90s. Some people say that she was the only good looking Loi Lane in all the Superman series. After that ended she kind of disappeared, playing a couple of small roles and that's it. She had a HUGE come back on Desperate Housewives and many of us are glad she came back 

Robert Downey Jr.

He was always known as an OK actor but then he got to the wrong side of the law and basically got a very bad image of himself. His returning movie was one of the biggest of all time and he has been a killing machine (not literally :)) ever since.

Neil Patrick Harris

Once Doogie Howser ended, Niel stopped being on TV. He played a small role in Harold and Kumar, which was rather weird. A few years back, he got offered a role in a sitcom and THEN, he gave birth to a character SO AWESOME, that it was LEGEN...wait for it...........................................................DARY. The character BARNEY STINSON, really brought him back from the dead and now, he is living to the fullest and just being AWESOME.