Carla Bruni is congratulated for pregnancy

It looks like by now all the last-time buoyant rumors about French President wife’s interesting condition can be extricated due to several stiff facts properly pointing out on the veracity of that supposition.

As Carla Bruni represented herself on the kick-off event for her flotation to combat illiteracy at Parisian Centre Pompidou modern art museum, she was decked up in a fitted charcoal blazer with an indigo dark trousers and matching top, although the midnight clothing hues rejected to hide her ever-battening tummy.

The next testimony was revealed by Nicolas Sarkozy’s father, when he uttered his expectations to see the granddaughter as marvelous as the former supermodel is herself.

And the last evidence was evoked by Carla Bruni herself when on May, 17th she was congratulated during the TV interview conversation and Lady the Enigmatic Smile withheld to refute the gens on her child-bearing.

Also there were propagated rumors, that Carla Bruni might be pregnant with twins, but the honoured couple insist they will remain aside from undergoing investigation to detect the future baby gender, relying on the fate and nature.