Taylor Swift’s Spontaneous New Hairdo Explained!

So maybe she didn’t shave her head or dye her hair bright purple (both of which would be terribly LOL-worthy anyway), but Taylor Swift is definitely rocking a new ‘do these days. And we so approve of it.
Which is why we had to ask Team Taylor what exactly inspired the country cutie to chop her locks:
“She got it cut on a shoot,” a pal close to Ms. Swift dished to us. “She just decided to go for it! Very fun!”
Fun indeed! And très spontaneous, too.
We must ‘fess, tho we heart T.Swift, we’ve never exactly taken her as the fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants type of chick. Guess we’ll need to reconsider—which we’ll do pretty gladly. Gal’s so young, she should totally do whimsical stuff more often!
Also, call us shallow, but we love our locks hear at Team Truth, and we’re very particular about how we get them cut (as in, we plan it out months in advance). We’re kidding, of course, but hair is important in this Biz—and Taylor’s always had a pretty head of it.
Whatever, we hope she keeps the impulsive ‘tude up and surprises us in some other ways.