Lady Gaga’s Twitter Account Hacked by Spammers

Lady Gaga is the latest star to have her Twitter account hacked, although she should count her lucky stars that her hackers don’t appear to have any imagination. Unlike, say, Britney Spears’ hacker, who in January 2009 posted, “Hi Yall, Brit Brit here, just wanted to update you all on the size of my vagina. Its about 4 feet wide with razor sharp teeth.”

No, Gaga’s hackers are just run-of-the-mill spammers. On Monday morning, her account read, “Monsters, I’m giving away FREE iPad2′s to each one of you in the spirit of the holidays icon smile Lady Gagas Twitter Account Hacked by Spammers Go to [harmful link redacted] to receive one!”

Hopefully most of Gaga’s beloved Little Monsters are tech-savvy enough to use browsers that will prevent them from willfully signing up for virus upon virus, but considering most of them are between the ages of 9 and 19 we’re not too optimistic.

• Joe Jonas might have had some kind of virus on Sunday, as he checked into the emergency room at Los Angeles’ Children’s Hospital for severe stomach pains. It’s unclear whether Joe got a diagnosis, but TMZ hinted Monday that his night at Chicago’s Board Room Nightclub on Friday night might have had something to do with it.

Joe seems to have fully recovered from his mystery ailment, however: He recently tweeted, “Hey everyone I’m fine I’m fine icon smile Lady Gagas Twitter Account Hacked by Spammers thanks for the concern.”

• Selena Gomez hasn’t commented on the “family emergency” that prompted her to cancel a couple of performances over the weekend, but her boyfriend Justin Bieber decided to address some of the rumors about the cancellations indirectly.

On Sunday, the singer tweeted, “blessed and grateful. i love all of u and please show respect to eachother and others that i care about. be there for one another.”

• Gomez’s longtime pal Demi Lovato just wrapped up her tour with a stop in Puerto Rico, and now she’s finally cutting loose. On Friday, Lovato exclaimed on Twitter, “I NEVER FELL ONCE ON THIS TOUR!!!!!!!! Hahhahahaha.”

But she did tear out some hair extensions and slip a nip or two, so there’s that.

Demi also survived her first earthquake without incident, tweeting, “Just felt my first earthquake in a tall building……. Cool.”

Kanye’s new favorite Benz.
• After months of silence, Kanye decided to make a grand return to Twitter… but he’s not really saying anything. No, Kanye’s just sharing pictures of things he admires, like concept cars and frescoes. Maybe he thinks this approach will prevent people from making fun of him.

This story is much less interesting than the Kanye – Kim K – Kobe Bryant fantasy love triangle everyone’s anticipating.

• Ke$ha’s “Sleazy Remix 2.- Get Sleazier” is all kinds of awesome, and she knows it. The dumpster diva explained to MTV News, “These were all kind of on my wish list people to work with in the future. [Producer] Dr. Luke and I had this idea that we wanted to just get them all on one track and make it as gangster of a track as we possibly could. It was kind of a little bit of a mission, and the fact that we pulled it off for Christmas — I’m stoked about it.”