Most Expensive Hollywood Actresses

All over the world film industry is a profit able industry. Most famous are Hollywood, Bellwood etc. the artist are the backbone of this type of business but the basic character of this business performed the actress all over the world. In Hollywood so many actresses are doing their job but here some famous and most expensive actresses given.

1. Angelina Jolie

$27 millions per movie
For the best award of most expensive actress goes to the Hollywood actress named Angelina Jolie for her best job. So many movies helped her for this position. In Hollywood she earned a good name which but specially her movie Wanted do good business who touched the highly amount of 341 million dollar which increase her demand and move her top of the list of most expensive Hollywood actresses. She takes 27 million dollar per movie.

2. Jennifer Aniston

$25 millions per movie
Another most expensive Hollywood actress is Jennifer Aniston. Her best performance in her recently movie named Marley and Me. This movie take the business of the producer at the rate of 244 million dollar which increase her demand and make her the second most expensive actress in the Hollywood industry.

3. Meryl Streep

$24 million per Movie
No doubt, Hollywood movie named Mamma Mia produce a great actress in Hollywood film industry. She performed a great job and this movie touched the higher rate of 603 million dollar in which earned a good name and make her most expensive actress in the world. She takes near about 24 million dollar per movie.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

$23 million per Movie
Sarah Jessica is at the fourth position in the list of most expensive actress in Hollywood. She performed mostly in sex. One of the most expensive movie in which she performed get 415 million dollar at the higher rate which make her the most expensive actress.