Justin Bieber finally enters the world of adulthood

Justin Bieber struggled to record his Christmas duet with Mariah Carey — because adulthood has robbed him of his high notes.

The pop star’s manager Scooter Braun has revealed the teen’s voice broke just before he hit the studio with Carey to re-record her festive hit All I Want For Christmas.
And Braun admits his young charge’s tone is not as high as it used to be. The manager tells Billboard.com, “Vocally, his balls have dropped … [All I Want for Christmas] was the hardest song to do. A year ago that would have been no problem.”
“Yes, that was high,” Bieber says. “But I grinded it out and we got it down.”How old is this kid? 17? His voice should have changed years ago. It sounds like Justin’s body has taken longer to develop than Ground Zero. Of course, now that Justin’s voice has changed, he better start holding on to every dollar he’s got. Because without his ability to hit those high notes, he’ll be about as employable as a convicted felon with facial tattoos