15 Celebrity Women we're most thankful for in 2011

1. Kate Upton

And who else could we possibly be more thankful for in 2011 other than Kate Upton? From the bikini modeling to the lingerie modeling to milking cows while wearing a bikini to looking so good in slow-motion to your sexy ad campaign to your willingness to give one of our boys at Guyism a chance, you truly were the woman we were most thankful for in 2011.

2. Scarlett Johansson
Thank you to Scarlett Johansson for making sure that those who break the law do not go unpunished. Oh, and for those pics. Oh yes, those pics. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

3. Candice Swanepoel
We are very grateful to Candice Swanepoel for being the sexiest lingerie model, as well as the sexiest fashion model, in the world today.

4. Courtney Stodden
Thank you, Courtney Stodden (and Doug Hutchinson), for entertaining the crap out of us, day in and day out, as we try to figure out just what in the living hell you two are really up to and exactly just how old Courtney really is.

 5. Mila Kunis
Thank you, Mila Kunis, for being so damn sexy, yet still saying yes when one of our boys asked you to go to the Marine Corps Ball with him.

6. Amanda Seyfried
We appreciate Amanda Seyfried a lot more than most of the rest of the world.

7. Jamie Chung
Thank you to Jamie Chung for being the sexiest actress working in Hollywood today.

8. Cheryl Cole
Thank you to Cheryl Cole for being the sexiest female singer on the planet.

9. Pippa Middleton
Many thanks to Pippa Middleton for making one of the most insufferable events in recent memory actually turn out to be rather sexy.

10. Blake Lively
 Thank you to Blake Lively for NOT posing for self-taken naked photographs this year. 

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