Salman Khan, Rajnikanth of Bollywood?

The actor apparently makes up his own dialogues, much to the dismay of his writers and delight of his fans

When Salman Khan makes a commitment, he can't really stop himself.

It's the knack of mouthing just the right punchlines that has made the man of the moment pretty much immortal at the box-office over the past three years.

And mind you, these are lines that need nobody's approval but Salman's himself.

The actor, who is being touted as the Rajnikanth of Bollywood, apparently makes up his own dialogues, much to the dismay of the writers of his films, especially Bodyguard.

Says a source, "The script of Bodyguard was pretty much bound, considering it was a remake. The writers had put down all the dialogues on paper.

But Salman used to mouth his own lines many a times, which has become a regular practice now."

Apparently during the shoot of the film, director Siddique was pretty puzzled by the star's impromptu improvisations.

Written word

Adds the source, "Siddique comes from a space where nothing really changes once it's on paper. Even big South stars like Mohanlal don't really change their dialogues because they work with that much precision. 

But when he realised what Salman was saying was hardly what they had written, he used to get a little disturbed."

However, the director had little choice. "Salman is very whimsical and it's difficult to get him to change his mind.

There were difference of opinions initially, but then Siddique gave up." Perhaps why the actor even refused to acknowledge the name of the Bodyguard director in one of his recent interviews.

Not that anyone is complaining though. Bodyguard has apparently beaten SRK's My Name Is Khan in the international market, and is well on it's way to shatter all box-office records in India, too.

Adds a trade analyst, "In just a week, the film might end up making as much money as Ajay Devgn's Singham made over a month."

So we guess the writers of his next film Ek Tha Tiger can expect their work to be cut out for them, as Bollywood's Dabangg Khan is packing a punch, even with his words in this case.


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