Ravi Kissan thanks his stars he wasn't home when his maid jumped out of his bathroom

Bhojpuri star Ravi Kissan is at once regretful and thankful that he wasn’t home when his domestic help Ruby jumped out of his bathroom window on Friday evening.

“It was a trauma beyond description for my wife. I was in Patna when I was informed about the ghastly incident. My wife was completely shaken. She’s a very simple God-fearing woman who has never harmed a soul.

For her sake I wished I was home by her side when it (the maid’s suicide) happened. But then for my own sake I’m glad I was away when it happened. There would’ve been all sorts of suggestions, ” sighed Ravi when he landed in Mumbai on Saturday morning.

The night before was sheer torture. “I’d have flown back the minute I heard about it to be with my wife and two daughters. But there was no flight from Patna to Mumbai in the night. Believe me, this was the most traumatic night of my life. I couldn’t sleep a wink. Something like this happening in my home…we can never be the same again. ”

When asked details about the luckless maidservant Ravi says, “How do I know? We’ve 14 domestic helpers in our 12-bedrooom two-storeyed home. She was recommended to us by my boy (man-Friday).

All I know is, she was from Mathura and had a family. She was mentally quite disturbed. My wife who’s very kind-hearted took pity on her and kept her as part of our staff. She was only a day-time employee. She came to work in the morning and left in the evening. ”

On the fateful Friday evening the maid, approximately 25 years old, locked herself in the 14th floor bathroom of the Kissan residence and jumped out of the window. 

Bathrooms don’t generally have windows large enough for people to jump through. Kissan says he was not allowed to put grills in the bathroom windows.

Sighs the actor, “It’s fate. She had to die in our home. And she did. Our bedroom is on the 15th floor. The maid locked herself on the floor below. I feel really sorry for the poor lady. May her soul rest in peace.

But in future we won’t employ domestic help without a full verification and cross-checking. I am man with three women in the house and I am often traveling for my shooting.

Luckily my wife’s brother was visiting when it happened. Otherwise my wife would have faced all the questions and police interrogation on her own. ”

Ravi is aware that tongues will wag about the tragic death in his home.

“Let people say what they want. My conscience is clear, ” says the actor defiantly. “At the moment I need to look after my wife. She has been crying non-stop. ”