I would love to do sexy roles and wear bikinis : Sayali Bhagat

Sayali is all set to don a sizzling hot orange bikini in her next - Tinu Verma's action thriller opposite model turned actor Rajneesh Duggal

While most Bollywood heroines refuse to expose, former beauty queen Sayali Bhagat wants to steam it up on the silver screen. She is candid enough to admit she doesn't mind exposing on screen.

"I work out regularly and have one of the hottest bodies in B-town. I am fed up of playing the good girl on screen.

Now I am looking for a change of image and would love to do sexy roles like Bipasha in Dhoom 2. I don't understand all this talk about girls refusing to sport a bikini in Dhoom 3. I'd gladly do it and look super hot too.

But sadly, I am only getting performance-oriented roles ('Halla Bol' and 'Jail') where I am dressed from top to toe. Even in my next movie Ghost opposite Shiney (Ahuja), I play a doctor.

Even in Tinu Verma's This Weekend, I play a tomboy except for that one song with Rajneesh (Duggal) wherein I have donned a sexy orange bikini.

Thank God for small mercies. I have no inhibitions about looking sexy. I am quite comfortable with my hot bod. I want to wear bikinis.

Sayali Bhagat in a bikini would definitely add value to any film!" says Sayali, who has also replaced Ameesha Patel in tennis star Leader Paes's launch vehicle Rajdhani Express.